Weekday Return Policy and Methods

Weekday Return Policy and Methods

Learn about the ease of the weekday return policy of 30 days. Find out how to return your items without hassle and receive refunds swiftly. Please shop with confidence and ease using our easy return procedure.

Weekday Return Policy:

If you bought the item from the retailer and are not happy with your purchase, you will given 30 days to cancel the article. You can exchange the item via the Internet or mail or visit the Weekday store. It is necessary to present the original receipt for sale to return nearly any object. The packaging must returned, including boxes or warranties, manuals, and any parts or accessories included with the item. Returns required within 30 days of purchase for a $25 credit, including any returns made using multiple parcels.

Information Details 
Website https://www.weekday.com/ 
Return time 30 days 
Return medium In store & Online
Refund time 14 days 
Weekday Return Policy

Return policy condition:

  • The item must returned with the tags.
  • The item must returned in pristine condition, unwashed or worn, and clean, unused condition.
  • The product must returned in the first 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Place the product in its original packaging with the receipt.

Weekday Return Method:

Weekday offers its customers three ways to return their product. Customers can pick any of these options based on their convenience. You can return the product in person at the store or by mail.

What is In-store Weekday return policy?

If you not pleased with your purchase, you may return it to the weekday store within 30 days from the date of purchase. For a return at the store, the customer must return the item to the closest store with the original receipt, purchase receipt online, original packing slips, the replica of the email confirmation for shipment, and whatever applies to the item.

The item has to returned to the seller in its original state. Be sure to bring the proof of purchase with the thing. Online purchases cannot returned to the retailer.

Weekday online return policy:

It is possible to return online items by post. The Return on Weekday isn’t free. You must pay the return shipping costs before returning the order to Weekday. Follow the instructions given to return your item via mail.

  • Check out the Weekday official site.
  • Then, you must complete an Application Form for Return.
  • Give details of your item purchase, including name, order, and email, to receive an email confirmation with a tracking number and the return form included with the package.
  • Choose the products you wish to return, and give them an explanation of the reason why you’d like to return the item.
  • Choose your preferred return method.
  • Select the items you want to submit.
  • Place the product in the box. Then, apply the return label to the bottom of the box.
  • Drop off your package at the chosen drop-off point.

If you wish to return your item by post, you must pay for return shipping costs. You can use pickup services, go to UPS to make a return, and plan your pickup.

Weekday refund policy:

When you receive your product, Weekday initiates your refund process and checks to see if you’re eligible for a refund. If you can make an in-store return, Weekday begins the refund process as soon as it received. The process will take up to 14 days after receiving your package at their warehouse before they can issue your refund to your bank account.

When your refund has accepted on a Weekday, they will notify you via email. Refunds will processed according to the method of payment that you initially used. If you cause damage to the item and it damaged, you won’t receive an exchange. Check that the product not damaged or worn. A return must made with all required documentation for an entire refund. Shipping fees and additional handling costs are not refundable.

Weekday return policy exception:

There is a specific exception to the Weekday return policy. This means that you cannot return these products.

  • You cannot return customized items.
  • It is not possible to return custom-made products.
  • All swimwear can returned until you have the hygiene strip.
  • Weekdays are not a time to accept the return of body parts and pierced jewelry for hygiene reasons.
  • Underwear briefs can’t returned or exchanged.

Weekday Exchange Policy:

The only way to exchange your product on Weekdays is by going to this store. Exchanges are not feasible if you wish to trade them on the Internet. If you are looking to exchange your item, it recommended that you return the item to receive the refund, and then you place another order.

In the event of an in-store exchange, you must return your item within 30 days after purchase to exchange it. The product should returned to the store in its original state, and be aware that all exceptions to Monday returns also apply to exchanges. For more queries, you can contact Weekday’s customer care department.

Weekday Return policy without a receipt:

If you do not have a receipt, Weekday has a right to deny or reject the Return. Because the Weekday policies on returns are generous and allow customers to return their products without a receipt, it is up to the store manager’s preference if they offer a gift card or permit you to return the item at the price that is the lowest of the item. The product you return must comply with the Weekday Return policy. You can reach the Weekday customer service team if you have any questions.

Weekday Order Cancellation Policy?

Contact customer support to cancel your online order. You may return the items if you cannot cancel an order at the time of purchase. One can follow the return guidelines outlined above in this article. You can begin the return process after you have received the product.

Weekday Delivery Policy

The company dedicated to processing and delivering all orders by the specified delivery timeframe. The delivery time may extended due to unexpected circumstances. If the delivery time is more than 30 days after the delivery date, buyers can decide to cancel an order. Delivery details given before placing an order, and an email confirmation will sent following. For more information, go to weekday.com. If the order doesn’t arrive on the specified date, you can contact WEEKDAY Customer Service by telephone or email.

Weekday contact details

If you’d like to contact our customer care department, use the contact form on their website. We require you to supply us with all of the necessary information. We will get back to you via email and contact you within the shortest possible time.

Weekday customer Service hours

Contact us anytime on Mondays between 9 am and 4 am CET, and on weekends, you can reach us between 10 am and 4 am CET.

Weekday Store hours:

Visit www.weekday.com/storelocator. Locator of Stores at the Weekday website to know the store’s hours and the location of the closest Weekday location to your home.


In how many days will I return to weekday?

Every weekday has a return policy for 30 calendar days. You have to return the item with your receipt within 30 days from the date of purchase.

How long will I claim I can get a refund?

The payment will process your refund within 14 business days and in the original payment method.

Are online purchase returns allowed in Weekday stores?

The online purchase cannot be exchanged or refunded in the store.

Can I return worn products to Weekday?

You cannot return used items to Weekday. The product has to be returned in the original condition as you received it.

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