Ulta Return Policy - Shipping Guide

Ulta Return Policy – Shipping Guide

Explore the simple Ulta Return policy and learn how to exchange or return your goods for a great buying experience.

ULTA Beauty is a chain of beauty shops. Its headquarters are located in Bolingbrook, Illinois, US. ULTA sells both low- and high-end cosmetics, including nail products, fragrances, bath and body products, and tools for hair and beauty from various brands.

Every ULTA store houses an in-store beauty salon. Some brands that ULTA sells include Kylie Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics, and Color Pop Cosmetics.

Ulta Return Policy Process and Timeline:

If you’re not satisfy with the cosmetics you buy or the products don’t meet your needs, ULTA Beauty considers such problems and makes it easier to return procedures for products purchased. It is possible to return your purchase with ULTA Beauty if you’re unsatisfied with the consequences.

ULTA Return Policy provides 60 days to return the product within 60 days of your purchase. If you lose your receipt and ULTA cannot confirm the item’s purchase date, the customer will receive reimbursement via a store credit that is equal to the lowest sales price within the past 90 days. You must present your official ID when you don’t have a receipt. If an Ulta mate Rewards Member cannot locate the receipt, ULTA Beauty will find the purchase with an email address or Ulta mate Rewards member ID. A purchase. Classic packs comprising 8, 10, or 14 parts.

Details of Ulta Returns:

Return Period60 days
Refund MethodOriginal Payment Method
Text Number309-650-8582
MediumsOnline (via mail), In-store
Chat HoursChat on Website: 7 AM-11 PM CT, 7 days a week
Phone Support1-866-983-8582: 7 AM-11 PM CT, 7 days a week
EmailEmail at ULTA’s website

Ulta Refund Policy:

According to the refund policy, You have 60 days to return the product to receive a complete refund. If you can return the item in-store, you can receive an immediate refund within several minutes using the payment method you used to purchase it. If you send it back by mail after ULTA gets your item back, they will issue you a refund within seven to ten working days.

You will receive credit for store purchases under the following circumstances:

  • If you return after 60 days.
  • If you made a purchase using the use of a ULTA gift store card.
  • If you have lost the receipt from your purchase, the store staff needs assistance finding the investment you made.

Exchange Policy of Ulta:

The policy for exchange offered by ULTA is easy and friendly to customers. You can exchange your item for another item similar to it or a different one. Deals can done in-store or online by mail. Customers are responsible for shipping costs. ULTA Beauty will pay shipping costs if the item damaged or the client receives an incorrect product.

If you wish to exchange the item for another one at a more fantastic price, you’ll need to pay a higher amount. If you trade it in for something priced lower, you’ll get a reimbursement for the remaining amount. You may be eligible for a free exchange even if you don’t have the receipt for the purchased product.

Ulta Return Policy

Ways to Return Products:

Ulta Return Policy Through Online Procedure:

If you opt to return your purchase online via postal mail, you must pay all shipping charges. If you return the product after sixty days after the day, you received the product. A refund will processed using the initial payment method. If you purchased the item with a gift card from a retailer, the return will credited to the Ultimate Rewards member’s eGift card.

Process for Online Returns:

To return the item online, you must follow these instructions:

  • Be sure to place your product inside the original box you received.
  • Return the mailing label printed on the packing list, including the packaging for your shipment.
  • Send the item to the address listed below:

ulta.com Returns Center, 
1135 Arbor Drive,
Romeoville, IL 60446 

ULTA Beauty recommends ground-only shipping. You can utilize traceable ground shipping to track the return package. You will receive an email confirmation after ULTA will process your order.

Check the status of your order online by:

  • Logging into ulta.com.
  • Click on the status of your order.

The credit will appear within seven to ten business days of receiving an email notification when you utilize a bank or credit card.

Ulta Instore Return Policy :

You can return the online items and those from physical ULTA Beauty stores.

Process for In-store Returns:

If you would like to return the items at your local ULTA store:

  • Bring the receipt or any other evidence that you purchased the item to the shop.
  • Place the product inside the packaging, the same packaging in which you received it.
  • Bring your receipt and the item you’d like in return to the Customer Service Desk.
  • The staff will confirm the authenticity of your items.
  • After validation has completed after the confirmation completed, you will receive a reimbursement in your original method of payment.

Returning Online Orders In-store:

Customers may want to return their online purchases to the store to save the cost of shipping.

  • Bring your confirmation email for your order, a packing slip, and packaging material.
  • Print the packing slip by logging onto ulta.com and choosing”order status. Choose the order number located at the end of the packaging label. It’s easy to find it through the app as well.

If you cancel your purchase within 60 days of receiving your email or Ultimate Rewards Membership ID, you’ll get a full refund through the payment method you initially use. In the event of a non-refund, a credit card purchased in-store will give the refund.

Can I Return Product Without a Receipt?

Ulta’s Return Policy allows your item to returned without a receipt. If you’ve lost your ticket, ULTA Beauty will look through the Ultimate Member’s ID to locate the purchase you made and provide you with the entire amount back for the item. ULTA Beauty might even check the validity of your government-issued ID. It is possible to receive in-store credit for the product you returned, even if there is no receipt.

Exceptions of Ulta Beauty Returns:

ULTA’s Return Policy is very generous. The absence of specific items cannot considered an exception for return to stores. The thing is, ULTA asks their customers not to bring damaged products since there will not be any refunds, returns, or exchanges. Products from other retailers and dealers are not eligible for return or exchange to ULTA Beauty. The products purchased at Target can’t returned to ulta.com or any ULTA Beauty store. ULTA Beauty can limit the return policy if a customer violates the return policy.

You have to bring all the items to return. For example, you purchase three pieces and replace them with just two things. There’s no reason to enthralled by producing two things for the money back.

Is it Possible to Return Used Products to ULTA?

It is possible to return a previously used product to ULTA Beauty, even if you’ve utilized it. The most important thing is that every product component should be in place. You can receive a complete refund for the product you used, provided you can show the receipt and your Ultimate Rewards membership ID. If not, you’ll receive store credit.

How to Initiate the Return Process at Ulta Beauty?

The product can returned both online and in-store. You will need your receipt as well as the item you wish to return to return in-store. Include the confirmation email and a return label to return online to the original carton in which you received the item.

Return Ulta products after 60 days:

Ulta’s Return Policy provides convenience to customers since you can return the item within 60 days. You cannot get an entire refund; however, ULTA Beauty will give you a store credit to purchase the items.

What does Ulta do with opened returns?

As per its policy, ULTA Beauty does not offer customers damaged, defective, used, or expired makeup products. Products for makeup thrown away into the garbage. The moisturizing products squirted out, and lip kits ruined.

Can we return products without original packaging?

ULTA Beauty requires their products to returned in the original packaging. To return the product, you must return all the original materials, including packaging, slips, and cartons. But you can return the product to the store using an original receipt.

Is it Possible to Return Gift Items?

If you given a present and have the receipt, you may return or exchange items by using the receipt. Also, you can get credit at the store using the gift receipt. There is no cash to exchange for gift cards.

How Much Time will the ULTA Return Process Take?

It takes ten business days to return the product. Credit will credited to your bank account within the specified days.

Ulta Beauty’s Customer Service Phone Number:

The ULTA Beauty customer service number is 1-866-983-8582. It’s open between 7 AM and 11 midnight CT every week. You can also contact them via message at 309-650-882.

How Can I Check the Ulta Beauty Order Status?

To track what is happening with your order, You can check the status of your product online by logging in to ulta.com. Select the status of your order. You can also go to “My Orders” within the mobile application. Find the most recent tracking links to track your order.

Condition of Returned Items:

The items must have no signs of damaged. If the item used only half-time, ULTA might not take them back. Products bought from other retailers are not eligible for return at ULTA Beauty stores. Similar to purchasing items through ulta.com, ULTA stores can’t return to Target.


ULTA Beauty gets a perfect score for its kindness regarding its return policy. Amazingly, ULTA provides full refunds on the products they have used or not. They also credit stores for items you do not return with receipts.


What is ULTA’s return policy?

ULTA offers a full refund on most products if returned within 60 days of purchase with the original receipt or packing slip.

 How do I initiate a return for an online purchase?

To return an online purchase, log in to your ULTA account, go to your order history, and select the items you want to return. Follow the instructions to print a prepaid return label.

Can I return products without a receipt?

ULTA allows returns without a receipt, but the refund will issued as a store credit at the lowest selling price in the last 90 days.

Are there any products that cannot returned?

Items like opened beauty tools, razors, and hairbrushes, cannot returned for hygiene reasons. Also, gift cards and salon services are non-refundable.

How long does it take to process a return?

Processing returns and issuing refunds typically takes 7-10 business days.

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