Temu Return Policy Guide

Temu Return Policy Guide

Find out the essentials and drawbacks of Temu return policy of 90 days – an entire guide to hassle-free returns that will allow you to shop confidently.

What is Temu Return Policy?

Temu refund policy allows refunds and returns on eligible products up to 90 days from purchase. The refund request must received within the time frame specified for return, and the item must returned within 14 days of the date you requested.

Check that the product not damaged or damaged or worn. The item must be in a satisfactory and sellable condition. You must provide evidence of purchase to receive your money back.

Details of Temu Returns:

Information Details 
Website Temu 
Return time90 days 
Return medium Via mail 
Exchange Yes 
Refund methodOriginal payment method
Contact 1-888-495-8368

What are Temu return conditions?

The following conditions must met if you are looking to return your item at Temu:

  • The item must received back in the original packaging.
  • The time to return your item.
  • The product should unopened and unaffected.
  • You must include the evidence of purchase alongside the thing to make an exchange.
  • All tags are require to in good condition to the article.
Temu Return Policy

What is Temu Return Method?

Returning the product to Temu is simple and uses specific steps.

  • Sign in to your Temu account at Temu.com or through the application to request a return. To request a return that does not require a Temu account, click “Save your Order” in your Temu order email.
  • To return an item, go through “Your Orders”, select the order you wish to return, and click on”Return/Refund”. “Return/Refund” button.
  • Select the items you want to return, and include reasons for your return. The order might require additional information based on the reason for the return. To proceed, click the “Next Step” button after giving the required information.
  • If the item doesn’t need to returned, you may select the method of refund you prefer. The refund will issued as a Temu credit balance or the original payment method.
  • Choose the most suitable refund option and return your items that need return. When your request received, we’ll promptly issue a return label to your item(s). The first return of each order within 90 days of the date of purchase is completely free.
  • Print the return label and then attach it to the outside of the return package. The sender requests recipients to deliver the return package to the nearest USPS/UPS office.
  • The status of your refund for your item(s) can be verified on the details page of your purchase or through Temu Push/SMS/Email notifications.

Note: The person sending the return package advised to ship the return item within 14 days after making their return. The return label we provide can only used for deliveries in the United States, excluding areas like military bases, which are secure.

What is Temu Exchange Policy?

The procedure for exchange of the product you purchased through Temu is the same as returning an item. You must indicate that you prefer a sale instead of a business. The product you wish to exchange must unopened and untampered. The product has to return to its original state.

You can request an exchange in the first 90 days from the date of purchase by mail. The item must comply with the Temu return policy conditions. If you require assistance, call our customer support department.

What is Temu Refund Policy?

Temu will notify you of the acceptance or denial of the refund after the returned item received and examined. The refund processed and credited to your original payment method if approved. The refund process can take two weeks after the return has accepted and checked. Call your bank’s Customer Service department if 14 days have passed and you still need to receive a refund.

Refunds can take longer to show up in your account because of the time banks require to process your request. For further questions, please reach out to the customer support department.

What is Temu return policy without receipt?

To return a lost item during transport, call Temu customer service for assistance. The customer service representative can help with specific details regarding your purchase. It is best to return your item with the proof of purchase for an adequate return. If you don’t have a receipt or evidence that you purchased the article, there’s a greater likelihood that your return won’t accepted.

What is Temu Return Policy Faulty Items?

Contact Temu customer service to return a defective or damaged product. Include the following details: original order number, shipping address, image evidence of faulty or damaged item, P.O. number and an explanation of how the thing positioned. Customer service will endeavour to contact your inquiry as soon as they can.

What is Temu return policy after 90 days?

Temu generally only allows refunds after 90 days of the date of purchase. Temu’s return policy is simple: you must return your item within 90 days of purchasing it. However, exceptions can granted for defective products or shipments that differ from what expected. For more details, it is suggest that you contact Temu customer support.

Temu Return Exceptions:

You cannot return these products at Temu:

  • It is not possible to return personalized items.
  • You cannot return items that sold at a final price.
  • If the customer has damaged or misused the product, Temu cannot accept the product.

Temu Contact Details:

Temu’s customer service can reached at help@temu.com. Email the provided address to submit queries or issues, and a representative will respond promptly. Alternatively, submit a ticket with your email address in the “Contact Us” section of the website and await a response.

Temu Customer Service:

Temu customer service can reached via hotline 1-888-495-8368 between 7 AM – 11 PM EST or by email. To submit a request ticket, visit Temu’s official website’s “Contact Us” section and enter your email or phone number. Expect a prompt response from Temu’s customer service agents.


How do I make a return?

Visit your Temu account at Temu.com or the app to request a reimbursement. If you don’t have a Temu account, click “Save your Order” in your Temu order email to request an exchange. Locate the order you wish to return in “Your Orders” and click the “Return” or “Return/Refund” button.

Where can I find the return label after applying?

You can locate your returns label in two places in “Your Orders.”
Go to “All Orders”-“Print a return label and then start return”-click”Print return label “Print return label.”
Clicking “Returns” and printing the return label is also possible. May select “Returns”-“Print Return label”-to create and publish the title for your return.

Can I exchange or return an item I purchased on Temu?

Most of the items you purchase on Temu are suitable to return or refund when you are not happy with them, and there are only some exclusions:
Items of clothing that damaged or worn have tags, packaging or a hygiene sticker removed or in unfinished sets.
Things that marked as non-refundable.
Gifts for orders.

What time do I have to wait before submitting my return?

If the item is acceptable to returned and refunded If the item is eligible for return and refund, you may exchange it in the timeframe of 90 days following the date of purchase.
You obliged to return your parcel within 14 days of submitting the return form in your return timeframe.

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