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Lovisa Return Policy

Lovisa Return Policy: Effortless Returns for Your Sparkling Satisfaction”

What is Lovisa return policy?

Lovisa’s return policy is simple and easy to use. If you are unhappy with what you bought, you can send it back. They will let you return the item within 30 days of either when you bought it or when it’s delivered.

You must send the item back to us in its original package, with all of its tags still on it. For returning something, you’ll have to pay extra for shipping. This can take out of the gift card charge. We can accept returns of our products via an online return portal.

Details about Lovisa Returns

Information Details 
Website Lovisa 
Return time 30 days 
Return medium In-store & Online
Exchange method In store 
Refund method Original payment method 
Contact +44 (20) 45154402

Lovisa Return Policy Conditions

  • Everything should be back to how it was when it send.
  • Items being send back must be new, unopened, and in their original packing.
  • To make sure you are who you say you are, you might ask to give your personal information to be returned or swapped.
  • The amount you get will be less than the shipping and handling fees.
  • It can take up to ten days to process an online return.

Methods to Return at Lovisa

To send back what you bought, You need to fill out the form to return your order. Please fill out the form and put it in the package. You can also return items you bought to get your money back and place an order for something you want to buy. These are Lovisa’s return policies for customers who want easy, open, and simple ways to send things back.

Lovisa in-store return policy

Suppose a customer wants to return something they bought in a store in a different city. In that case, they should take the item to the store closest to them along with the original receipt, the electronic purchase confirmation, the original packing slip or a copy of the shipping confirmation email, and any other paperwork that is needed.

Tell customer service that you want to return an item and give them the original ticket, an online receipt, or the packing slip. If you’re eligible, they will help you make your return as easy as possible.

Lovisa Online Return Policy

Let’s say you can’t get the thing from the store. You can return the item through an online service. You need to call Lovisa’s customer service to do this. They’ll help you send it back.

Do what they say to make it easy to return the thing. Please make sure the thing can be sent back in its original condition. You need to include a tag in the package you send back. Add your product order number, your name, your email address, and the proof to the package. We’ll send your package after that.

Lovisa Return Exceptions

The Lovisa return policy says that you can return most of their products. However, there are some things that you can’t return, including:

  • Because of worries about hygiene, you can’t return items for body piercing.
  • Lovisa doesn’t like giving back the mask.
  • You can’t return the hair items you bought.
  • Items that are on final sale can’t be returned.
  • You can’t return or swap gift cards.

Lovisa Exchange Policy

If the customer doesn’t like what they bought and wants to exchange it, you can ask for an exchange. For an exchange or return, Lovisa’s return policy says that the item you bought must meet the standards. The managers of the store will look at your item and let you know if you can swap it or return it.

If they have the thing you need in stock, they will bring it to you. It’s only possible to exchange one thing per order. You’ll have to pay to make another swap.

Lovisa Return Policy

What is Lovisa Refund Policy?

I’ll be happy to give you credit. All you have to do is follow the steps in your Lovisa return policy. You will need to return the thing to us within thirty days of receiving it along with the original receipt in order to get your money back in the same way you paid for it. As proof of buy, you could use original receipts or bank statements.

Giving back gift cards is not possible. You can exchange a gift card for an item of the same value or get shop credit if you return it without a receipt. This can be used to buy anything in the future. You can’t get your shipping costs or other service fees back. You can get more help from our customer service staff if you need it.

What is Lovisa Faulty Returns Policy?

Please let us know or come to your local store if you think an item you bought broke.


You can get your money back for things you buy from Lovisa if they are:

  • broken, and the problem wasn’t explained to you before you bought it or wasn’t obvious when you looked at the goods before you bought them; or
  • Not “of merchantable quality,” which means it’s not of the quality you should have expected based on how it was described to you before you bought it and how much it cost; or
  • Not fit for its purpose, which means it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.

You will not be able to get your money back if you don’t return the item within an acceptable amount of time. However, you will be able to exchange or fix the item.

Lovisa is happy to swap or give you a gift card if you are eligible for a refund but would rather get a different item or a gift card with the same value as the item.

What is Lovisa Return Policy without a Receipt?

It suggests that you show proof of purchase when returning an item. Lovisa, on the other hand, needs proof of purchase, like the original receipt or an email confirming an online sale. If you can’t find the ticket, you can exchange it for a product of the same value. You can only get your money back if you return the item with the ticket.

Lovisa Delivery and Shipping Policy

Lovisa gives you two choices for shipping. There is the regular delivery method and the Express delivery method.

  • It could take up to three business days if you choose a regular delivery method. You can get free shipping on orders over $25. PS4.95 is what you need to pay if you want to buy something less than $25.
  • It could take anywhere from one to two work days if you choose express delivery. You will also charge PS6.95.

Lovisa order Cancellation Policy

Lovisa can’t promise to make changes to or cancel your order after you’ve placed it. You can reach our customer service team at info@lovisa.com by calling at the time you finish your order. Our staff will do their best to help you change or cancel the order.

It is possible to return things if you are unable to cancel an order when it being place. You can follow the steps for returning items that mention earlier in this post and start the return process as soon as you get your goods.

Lovisa Contact Details

You can chat with a Lovisa customer service person on their website, or you can email them at info@lovisa.com when you need to. You can also call (+44) 45154402 to talk to Lovisa’s customer service.

Lovisa Store Timings

Go to the Store Locator on the Lovisa website to find out the store’s hours and exact location of the closest Lovisa store near you.


Does Lovisa have a return policy?

Anything you send back to Lovisa has to be in the same state it was in when you bought it. We also can’t return or swap gift cards unless the law says we can. The things you want to return must be brand new, unused, and in the same state they were in when you bought them. They must also come with all of their original tags and packaging.

Can I return items to Lovisa without receipt?

I want to return an item. Do I need my receipt? To give you a return, Lovisa needs to see proof that you bought something or accepted your online order. This is for when you change your mind or return something that isn’t right. We can’t give you a refund without proof that you bought it.

Why can’t you return earrings?

According to the law, you can’t get a refund unless the problem cause by abuse, an accident, normal wear and tear, or not following the care directions. Find your receipt or proof of purchase. Don’t forget that you need to prove where and when you got the item.

Can I return a faulty item outside of 30 days?

Absolutely! You can return an item with the original ticket if you change your mind. We will gladly swap even if you don’t have your receipt. If you need more information, please email our Support Team at info@lovisa.com.

Do I need to return my product to the same store I purchased it from?

You don’t have to go back to the same place to make a Change of Mind or Faulty return. According to the Lovisa Returns Policy, you can bring your item back to any shop to get a refund or an exchange.

Can I exchange items online?

You can get your money back for things you bought online through our online process. Start the return process by going to our Returns & Exchanges page. There is only one Lovisa store near you where you can return or switch an item you bought online.

Do I need my receipt to return an item?

To give you a return, Lovisa needs to see proof that you bought something or accepted your online order. We can’t give you a refund without proof that you bought it. If you lose your ticket, you can exchange it for something of the same or less value.

I want to return my item but do not live near a Lovisa store, what can I do?

Please send us an email at info@lovisa.com to get in touch.

Can I return my online order to a Lovisa store?

Absolutely! You can return your online order to any Lovisa shop in the country where you bought it as long as you have the order confirmation to show that you bought it. You can also use our online returns process to send back things you bought in-store.

Can I return an item purchased with a e-gift card?

We don’t give refunds on things bought with an e-gift card. You can return or replace an item in-store if you change your mind or if it is broken.

Can I return a e-gift card?

With e-gift cards, we can’t give you a refund or swap. You can only use the e-gift card in-store or online.

Can I return an item that has been exchanged?

If you’ve already swapped an item, we can’t give you a refund or exchange it again unless the item break.

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