LensCrafters Return Policy - 2023

LensCrafters Return Policy – Shipping and returns policy

LensCrafters return policy permits customers to return or exchange their lenses within 30 days of purchasing via post or at the store. Certain restrictions apply.

LensCrafters offers an eyewear and prescription shop located in Ohio, US. However, it’s also available throughout Canada, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, and India. It provides a range of eyewear brands and the most recent advancements in sun and precise lens technology, such as treatment options designed to block blue light and aid in nighttime driving.

LensCrafters Return Policy

If you’re unhappy about the product quality item you buy, you may exchange it with LensCrafters. The article can returned within 30 days. If you purchase the eyewear directly from the retailer, the time frame for return begins when the item bought.

If you buy items online, the return period begins when you receive your delivery. You may also return the item if it’s damage. The buyer can receive the reimbursement for seven to ten business days.

Details about LensCrafters Returns

WebsiteLens Crafters
Return Policy Days30 days
Exchange Policy Days90 days
RequirementsReceipts, Packaging Labels, Undamaged items
MediumsOnline via mail, In-store
Chat HoursMon-Fri: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm EST
Sat-Sun: Closed
Phone SupportMon-Fri: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm ESTSat: 9 am – 5:30 pm ESTSun: Closed
Customer Care +1-877-753-6727
EmailEmail at LensCrafters Website

Conditions for Eligibility for a return

If you are planning to submit returns to LensCrafters, you must ensure the item isn’t damage. If the item is not damage or doesn’t have any scratches, There’s no reason to concerned since LensCrafters will accept returns on their products that are in good shape.

Return Process and Timeline

Returns for the LensCrafters product are require in 30 days. Customers can return their products by two methods, i.e., on the Internet and in-store. There is no charge for shipping when you return the item via mail in case your item damaged. It is also possible to return the item you purchased online to the retailer.

LensCrafters Return Policy

Conditions of LensCrafters Return Policy

LensCrafters will not accept returns of damaged or stolen products in the event that the item is not in its original condition as stated at their site official.

LensCrafters Refund Policy 

To the policy on LensCrafters: The refund provided by the company will made in 7 to 10 working days. Suppose you submit an online request for a return. In that case, your refund will processed after confirming the item’s authenticity, and your refund will made using the original payment method.

But, suppose that the item is returning to a retail store, LensCrafters. In that scenario, the buyer must bring in the receipt for the purchase and will receive an immediate refund if the item is in its original condition.

LensCrafters Exchange policy 

The policy on refunds of LensCrafters: The company’s refund policy states that LensCrafters made within seven to ten working days. Suppose you submit an online request for a return. In that case, your refund will processed following verification of the item’s legitimacy, and your refund will made using the original payment method.

If, however, the item returned to a retail store LensCrafters. In this case, the purchaser should bring the purchase receipt and will receive an immediate refund when the thing is in its original condition.

How to Return LensCrafters Eyeglasses?

Return the LensCrafters eyewear in-store or via the Internet.

Return them by mail

To return the product online, it is necessary to follow the steps listed below:

  • Visit the ‘Return Request” page on the LensCrafters the official site and supply them with the following information:
  • Your name is your first and last.
  • Street city, state/province, and country
  • ZIP code, number of phone, and email address
  • Date and order number
  • You will receive an email containing the pre-paid shipping label after 48 hours. If you don’t receive it, you’ll informed of the refusal of your refund.
  • Place the item in the original packaging along with its shipping label and the original receipt.
  • Drop off your parcel at the closest UPS or any preferred shipping company.

Return to a store

Returning your package at your LensCrafters store is simple and is a breeze. All you need be doing is to follow the steps below:

  • Find the closest store to your location using the “‘ Store Locator” section on their site.
  • Then, pack your product in its original packaging and take it to the store along with the receipt.
  • Ensure the product is in good condition and no damage caused.
  • Send your product to the staff at the customer service desk. You will receive an immediate refund if the item is suitable for return.

How Long Does it Take to Return?

If you send it back online and your item is in a good state and good condition, it can require seven to ten business days for an exchange and a refund of your payment in the original method. However, if you complete the return of the item at the retailer directly, you receive an immediate reimbursement for the item.

LensCrafters refund, return, and exchange Exception product list

The product can exchanged within 30 days, and the customer will receive a credit on the original payment method. The exchange exception applies to those products that are

  • Unscratched, undamaged, and not in pristine condition
  • Final sale items
  • Gift cards

LensCrafters One-year Replacement Policy

LensCrafters offers an annual replacement plan that you can purchase online and in-store. When you buy it online, you can select “Add Eyewear Protection Plan’ in the shopping cart. It covers unlimited repair for 12 months at $34.99 (or $39.99*. Purchases made in-store can brought into every LensCrafters store for repairs.

It includes the following:

  • Lenses that have damaged or broken
  • Frames that have cracks
  • Failures as a result of regular wear and tear
  • The material and the craftsmanship are flawed

LensCrafters Return Policy without Receipt

It is essential not to lose the receipt for the item you purchased at LensCrafters since they only allow the possibility of returning it with the original receipt.

LensCrafters Return Policy after 30 days

The products of any eyewear manufacturer from LensCrafters that exceed 30 days are not returnable. However, you have the option of a one-year warranty they offer. Glass cleaning and other services included in the 1-year warranty period.


LensCrafters’ Return policy, refund policy, and exchange policies are within 30-90 days. If you must return the item to us, follow the instructions in this article.


What is LensCrafters return policy?

LensCrafters typically offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days for a refund or exchange.

What items are eligible for return?

Generally, prescription glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses are eligible for return. 

Are there any conditions for returns?

Items should be in new and unused condition, and you may need to provide proof of purchase. It’s essential to return the product in its original packaging.

What if my glasses are defective?

If you receive defective or damaged glasses, LensCrafters should replace them at no extra cost.

How do I initiate a return?

Contact LensCrafters customer service or visit the store where you purchased it to initiate a return. They will guide you through the process.

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