Dusk Return Policy and Refunds

Dusk Return Policy and Refunds

Learn more about how Dusk return policy ensures that shopping is easy, having 30 days in which to exchange items.

What is Dusk Return Policy?

If you don’t love or aren’t satisfy with the purchase, you can send it back to Dusk. Dusk will be happy to assist you with exchanges and returns. You can return your purchases at Dusk for 30 calendar days from the date of the purchase or delivery. Dusk Rewards members have the benefit of an additional 30-day return period. This includes 60 days to return items.

Your purchases on the Dusk site or store are refundable in 30 days. You can return the items on the internet or in Dusk’s store. Dusk store. It is essential to bring the original receipt for sales for the return of your purchase, or else your purchase will returned to you.

Information Details 
Website https://dusk.com/ 
Return time 30 days 
Return medium In Store & Online
Refund method Original payment method
Dusk Return Policy

What is the Dusk return policy condition?

  • The item has to returned within the stipulated timeframe.
  • The item you want to return must be in original condition, unworn or washed, and not damaged.
  • If you have received a defective product from the company, you can return the product, but you will not be able to make a return.

What are return methods at Dusk?

To return a purchased item to Dusk, customers can opt to return the item either by post mail or at one of the outlet stores.

Purchases made at Dusk outlet stores must returned to one of the Dusk outlet shops.
Purchases made online can returned by post to their stores or at their warehouse.

What is Dusk In store return policy?

First, you’ll required to find the nearest Dusk’s Store. Visit the store. Bring the item back to the store along with the original receipt you received when placing your order. Please fill out the return request form. The product must be in its original condition. A store representative will assist you in returning the item. Be sure that the product remains in use. Dusk will not take the thing if it has damaged, washed, or used. The item must returned within 30 days of purchase.

Dusk Online Return Policy

Check that the item is in its original condition and can returned. A return label is require to send your product. Contact customer service and provide details regarding the order number of your product along with your email, name, and receipt, and then send us your parcel. They will get back to you within a week and provide you with the next steps you must follow to get your product back. You should return your purchase in a sealed, unopened condition. Follow the link to return your items to Dusk.

What is Dusk Refund Policy?

There is a 30-day period to exchange your purchase by Dusk and receive a complete refund. Once your order received at our warehouse, it could take fourteen days for us to complete your refund. When your return processed, you will receive an acknowledgment email. It usually takes between 3 and five working days before the amount of your refund will appear on your card.

It is essential to bring the original receipt of purchase along with you. Refunds will issued using the original payment method if you bought the product from the Dusk stores. Purchases make using PayPal and Affirm will be credited to the accounts that you initially used. Shipping and handling costs are not eligible for refunds.

What is the Dusk return policy Exception?

  • If the product you are returning does not meet the requirements of Dusk’s return policy, then they are entitle to refuse your return request.
  • Dusk will not accept returns of damaged and used products that damaged or used.
  • The product must not opened when the packaging box has opened. Dusk cannot accept returns.
  • Online purchases cannot returned or exchanged in the store.
  • Gift cards are not returnable.

What is the Dusk Order Cancellation policy?

To cancel or change an order placed online, call Dusk Customer Service with your order number and the details. A customer service representative will contact you within one business day. Dusk ships orders fast, and once the order received, you are eligible for a refund in line with their refund policy. If they cannot replace your item, you can return it. Follow the guidelines for returning items mentioned earlier in this post and begin returning your item once you have received the product.

What is the Dusk exchange Policy?

There is a 30-day period to return your product before Dusk. You can exchange either in-store or via mail. By Dusk Return policy, an exchange is possible when the product is in its original state of repair. If you want to exchange your item first, you must return the item and then place an order for a new one.

Dusk cannot take your product in for an exchange if it damaged or not sealed. In addition, you cannot exchange your used items at Dusk. Because the product is not available, the manufacturer can refuse the exchange.

What is Dusk Return Policy Faulty items

If you’ve received defective or damaged products from Dusk, you can exchange or return the product, but you must inform the customer service department within the first day you can. The customer support department will be notified as soon as possible. You not required to pay restocking fees or return shipping costs, as Dusk will pay.

Dusk gift card policy

To buy a Dusk gift card, go to the gift Card page. There are two types of cards: traditional physical cards that come in four colors and sold in-store or on the internet, and electronic gift cards, which can used online or in-store. Each card has the benefit of a 30-day expiration, with birthday vouchers that are valid for a minimum amount of $40.00. Dusk gift cards are good for three years after purchase. To check expiry dates, check our Balance of Gift Cards Checker. Treat your gift card from Dusk like cash. They cannot exchanged, replaced, or refunded.

Dusk Store hours

Go to this store location on the Dusk website to get information about store opening hours and where to find the closest Dusk Store to your site.

Dusk Contact Details

If you’d like to contact their customer support department, you may use the contact form on their official site. You must provide the required information. We will get back to you via email and contact you as soon as possible.


What is the dusk refund policy?

If you are unsure or receive a gift you did not want, you can return the product in-store at Shoreline.
The average return time is 30 days from the date of purchase. However, one benefit to Dusk Rewards members is that the period for return can extended by 30 days, giving Dusk Rewards members up to 60 days to return an items.

How long do I have to return or exchange a purchase?

The average return time is 30 days from the date of purchase.

How can I return an Online order?

Contact the Customer Service via email and include the following details:

  • Number of online orders;
  • Full name;
  • Email Address used to place the purchase;
  • Photographs from the item(s) if they arrive in a less-than-perfect state;

Customer Service typically responds within one business day and will advise on the next steps.

Can I exchange an Online order?

You can exchange your online order in Store wStorevidence of purchase. However, online orders that returned to the Reply Paid address Reply Paid address can only reimbursed.

Can I exchange an Online order?

No. Purchases made in stores must returned in-store.

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