Cider Return Policy - Returns & Refunds

Cider Return Policy – Returns & Refunds

The Cider Return Policy offers an excellent return window which allows its customers to return products up to 14 days after the purchase. Cider offers returns policies that will enable both by mail and online returns. All labels and tags should be present with the product.

The item should be in its original state and good condition. It is necessary to provide evidence of purchase to submit the return to Cider. Check that the product damaged or worn. The product should be in excellent and sellable condition, according to Cider return policy guidelines.

Details of Cider Returns

Information Details 
Website Cider 
Return time 14 days 
Exchange methodVia mail 
Return method By Mail 
Refund time 5 business days 
Refund methodOriginal form of payment 

Cider Return Method

To return an item to Cider customers, they can send it via postal post.

Online Return Method at Cider

If you want to return the product, you must install the application on your mobile phone. The Cider will not accept returns through computers or via the website. After downloading the application, you need to use the email that corresponds to the purchase. Follow the prompts on the screen.

  • Log in for your login.
  • Visit the section for orders.
  • Choose the items you would like to return. Provide a valid reason for returning the item.
  • Confirm your delivery.
  • Choose the refund or return by what you wish to make.
  • Make sure you send your request.
  • Place the shipping label on the box that the company supplies. Then, bring your item to the intended shipping address.
  • If the company still needs to provide the shipping return label, contact the relevant carrier and arrange the shipment into the warehouse.
  • Update your tracking details using the Cider app, or they’ll be unable to identify your returned product.
  • Change the tracking information using the Cider application.
Cider Return Policy

Cider Exchange Policy

You may exchange the product within 14 days from the date of purchase by mail If you are happier or are dissatisfy with the investment at Cider. If you’re not satisfy, then you should replace the product with a wanted one.

When your Cider receives your product, they start the return process. The product should be in its original state of repair. Cider will not accept products if they have damaged or misused. For more queries, you can contact our customer support department.

Cider Refund Policy

Cider comes with a flexible return policy. You can return or exchange the product with ease or request your money back. Once you have received your item, Cider will initiate your refund process. They will also confirm whether you’re eligible for a refund or not. Refunds processed according to the method of payment that you initially used. The refund process may differ based on the payment method utilized by the clients.

  • If you have used any credit from a store, then the product needs to be qualified.
  • If you purchased the Cider gift card, the refund will issued directly to your credit card.
  • If you paid using a credit or debit card, the reimbursement will delivered within five days.
  • If you have purchased using PayPal or any other company, the refund will processed within five working days.

Cider Return Policy Conditions

There are the following conditions that have to met if you are looking to return your item at Cider:

  • The thing must return to its original state.
  • The item must sealed, unmarked or undamaged.
  • The receipt alongside the thing to make the return.
  • All tags must remain intact on the thing.

all saints return policy without receipt

You must submit your receipt to submit a return to Cider. Cider has a simple return policy. You need to provide your ticket to exchange or return to Cider. For more queries, contact our customer service department or visit Cider’s store.

Cider Return Policy Exceptions

There are a few return policy exemptions. Certain types of products cannot returned or exchanged for Cider.

  • Accessories (with the exclusion of scarves) are non-returnable.
  • There is no return of swimwear, underwear and other items sold out at Cider.
  • If you’ve damaged the product, Cider will not accept the product as a return or refund.

Cider Order Cancellation policy

If the shipping process has already begun, the cancellation process may not be feasible. If you’ve received a product you did not want, you can return or exchange it at Cider.

Cider delivery and shipping policy

Cider provides two delivery options, each of which has different timings and prices:

Standard Shipping Method

  • If the purchase is less than $39 and you cannot pay for shipping, you must pay $9.99 to cover shipping costs. It can take up to fifteen business days to get your order deliver once it has delivered.
  • If the total value of your purchase is over $ 39, then Cider gives you a free shipping standard.

Cider Express Shipping Method

If you choose Express Delivery, it can be require up to eight working days to get your product deliver, and you’ll need to responsible for $13.99 shipping costs.

Cider Contact Details

The customer service line closed to call. But you can contact us via email at For more information, go to our site Cider.


What is the return policy for Cider purchases?

The return policy for cider purchases allows customers to return or exchange products within a specified period.

Can I return cider if it gone wrong or tastes off?

You can typically return cider if it’s spoil or has a quality issue. However, this may require you to provide proof of purchase and describe the problem.

Do I need a receipt to make a cider return?

A receipt or proof of purchase is usually require for processing returns, so make sure to keep your purchase receipt.

Can I return cider products bought online?

Yes, most online retailers and cider manufacturers have return policies for online purchases. Be sure to review their specific guidelines for returning products purchased online.

 Can I get a refund or only an exchange for the returned cider?

 You may have the option to receive a refund or exchange the cider for a different product, depending on the store’s or manufacturer’s policy. Be sure to clarify this when initiating the return.

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